About Residual Glow

Residual Glow is an ongoing art project that encompasses stage design, blacklight artwork, spectral artwork, interactive and installation projects.

I got my start in the art world by producing and displaying artwork in my local music scene. The artistic style has always drawn inspiration from music culture and festivals. I think I am lucky as an artist, because I get to see people interact with my art in what I would consider an ideal setting. For a few days, everybody bands together in the woods with all their friends in an environment that encourages creativity, expression, and exploration. People are primed to have new experiences, and it's my good fortune to be able to introduce them to my weird neon world while their favorite music is playing, and their minds and hearts are open. What could be better? I want my installations to synergize with the musicians and the crowd, and I hope that the energy that I bring to my art helps to keep all the feet dancing until sunrise.


Residual Glow has grown over the years, I have shown my work in galleries and at shows all around the country, and have more or less made it my full time career. I look at the project as an opportunity to continue experimenting and developing new styles and techniques. It has been a strange art journey, and I am looking forward to where it goes from here.

This is by no means a complete list of shows I have worked with, but its a start:

  • Electric Forest 

  • Resonance

  • Rootwire

  • Lakes of Fire

  • All Good

  • Infrasound

  • Winter Warmer

  • Resonate

  • 515 Alive

  • Kosmic Kingdom

  • Cosmic Reunion

  • Cosmic Ascension

  • Cosmic Awakening

  • Pyro de Mayo

  • Astral Observatory

  • Sacred Earth

  • Secret Fire

  • Crystal Sky

Contact Residualglow@gmail.com for information about stages, galleries, and bookings