Reality is not only stranger than we suppose but stranger than we can suppose.
- J. B. S. Haldane 


Metaphysicists build models of what they think the world really is, because as a species we have had the insight that we can not directly experience things that are beyond the ability of our perceptions to detect. We have been progressing in our pursuit of that unknown for many generations. We have discovered the electromagnetic spectrum, fundamental forces, universal constants, and are in the process of digging deeper into the fundamental particles of matter. I think it is an amazing time to live in, because its likely that as we learn about quantum mechanics, we are going to realize how limited our current physics understanding really is. When we finally make sense of what everything really is, its going to fundamentally change the way we relate to existence. And I think that sounds like fun.


Random thoughts while working on this piece. 


Original string art mandala, created in May of 2019.

- 23 1/2" diametar

- Stretched felt on wood panel

- 520 nails

- Extra strong, fade resistant nylon thread

- Wooden frame painted black with a matte finish. Other options available.

- Recessed on/off switch, includes 12v power adapter

- Signed and numbered on the back


Other frame options are available if you like the pattern but not the frame, please contact me at with any questions. 


Each of these mandalas is hand made and most require several days to complete. Frames also take a few days for coats of paint/stain to dry. It may take several days or weeks to complete your order. Please feel free to email to ask me about the current wait time on any commission.


Quark - String Art - UV Frame